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Not getting the school that you know is right for your son or daughter can be a real blow.  At any stage in a child’s education having the right environment is crucial to good academic progress, personal development and socialisation.  The right school and friends is a real make or break deal for many children.

Parents who find that they have not secured the right school have an absolute right to appeal for a school place.  There is no limit on the number of schools you can appeal for, if you apply for a place and you are refused you have the right to appeal – and do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

As a specialist education solicitor I have been involved in literally thousands of appeals over the last 16 years.  I train appeal panel members, I advise parents, schools and Local Authorities about the Admission and Appeals process.  Whilst there is never a guarantee of success for an appeal, there is much you can do to really maximise your own chances.

Careful preparation, research about the school and well presented documentation can make all the difference. I am always shocked at how little independent information there is available for parents.  Much information is from the Local Authority, but they are often the people who have refused you a place, they have a vested interest in keeping appeal successes to as few as possible. There are always playground myths and rumours, few are based on facts and relying on many of them can be downright detrimental to your case.

On the pages of this website and on the blog there is much more detail about the school admission appeal process.  Please read them through but bear in mind they are general information and not to be relied on as legal advice.  Every appeal is different and the individual circumstances matter, one size never fits all.  I offer a free initial short discussion for all parents and carers.  All I ask is that you complete the Contact Us form on the relevant page, and read through my Terms and Conditions.

Going through the appeal process can be upsetting, frustrating and often feels like you are  trying to navigate a maze with no map.

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John Walker

"Without John's help I don't believe I could have won the appeal - he was there for me every step of the way. I truly cannot thank him enough." RH - successful appellant.

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About Us

My School Appeal is part of J. A. Walker, Solicitor's practice. My practice specialises in the law relating to Children and Education. I also provide a mediation service dealing with complex individual needs and education cases.

Over the years since qualifying in 1996 I have advised on literally thousands of school admission appeals. I have supported schools, parents and children around exclusions and have in depth knowledge and experience of SEN and the Statementing process. I have written two books about admission appeals and policies and also given interviews to The Times and BBC Breakfast News. Learn more about My School Appeal...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We won the appeal! Every bit of your advice was used. It wasn't easy but we succeeded in the end! Great News." BC - successful appellant.

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We offer telephone appointments to suit you. Our advice is confirmed by email and we can offer emergency advice about appeal hearings, school meetings, SEN issues and exclsuoins.

We can point you in the right direction and give you practical advice about what you need to do next.  The initial discsussion is FREE. Then take advantage of our low cost consultation - only £150 plus VAT!

We work on agreed fixed fees as far as possible. This is to give you certainty of the costs and to make sure that once instructed you can ring or email as many times as you like without fear of running up expensive bills. The prices shown are exactly the price that you pay.

Our terms and conditions will be sent to you and all charges are fully explained before you instruct us. As John is a solicitor his firm is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. J. A. Walker Soliciotrs firm ref no is 388110.

Any complaints about the service should be made in writing and the Complaints Policy will be issued at that stage.

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