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Grammar School Appeals

Grammar School Appeals Always an uphill battle, but they one that can be won. Schools that select by ability are often very popular. If your son or daughter has failed to get enough points in the test, the first thing the Independent Appeal Panel will need to do is to satisfy themselves that your son or daughter is actually capable of the academic expectations that a grammar school will have. If there is a reason they did not Read More

School Appeals - Myths and Rumours

School Admission Appeal – Myth and Playground Rumours Every year I hear some old favourites, but every year I hear a new account of how school admission appeals are dealt with and managed.  Academies are very popular for mis-information at the moment. My top ten ‘You can only get a place if the head tells the panel to make an exception and let you in…’ ‘No-one ever wins Read More

Faith Schools, Appeals and Admissions

You've got to have faith! Applying for Voluntary Aided faith-based schools and appealing against decisions to admit children can be a complicated process. Applying for a faith-based school often requires parents to complete a supplementary information form (SIF). The information contained on that form is really important. Anyone who is considering applying for a place at a church school, whether it's a voluntary aided Read More

An Overview of School Appeals

A Brief Overview This is a very basic overview to try and explain how the process works – there may be minor differences in the way the process is administered and even how appeals are dealt with, but the basic principles are set out in law. Admissions & Appeals The law that governs appeals is set out in the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 and is regulated by the School Admission Code and the School Admission Read More

Same Old, Same Old

How depressing?  Yet again I have been helping a family to resolve issues with a Local Authority in respect of a child with Special Educational Needs, whose needs cannot be met in a mainstream school.  It goes without saying that these families are under pressure as a result of their children’s additional needs or disability.  But time and time again their challenges are increased, frustration and stress multiplied by the Read More