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Infant Class Size Appeals - A Mountain to Climb

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Infant Class Size Appeals - An Overview

Starting school is such an important part of a child’s life.  If a place is refused at the school it can cause a great deal of upset and anxiety for the child and parent alike.  The regulations around infant class sizes are set by central government. Local Authorities and schools have no discretion to increase classes to over 30 children per qualified teacher.

 There are some circumstances when the maximum 30 may be exceeded, this includes Armed Forces personnel, multiple birth children and children with Statements of Special Educational Needs.  The categories are very limited.

 Also, the test for school appeals is different if it is an infant class size issue rather than a standard appeal.

I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to know if this is the case, it fundamentally changes the likelihood of succeeding.  I would encourage every parent facing an appeal for Reception or Key Stage 1 or 2 to clarify this at the earliest opportunity.

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The success rate for infant class appeals is very low, but nonetheless in some cases an appeal will succeed.

 I always provide pragmatic, down to earth advice to parents who enquire about infant class size issues.  Sadly, in many cases it is apparent that the chances of success are negligible, and in other cases work needs to be done to really test the case against admission.

I have produced a book specifically dealing with primary appeals and I am happy to have an initial no cost, no obligation discussion about your own case.

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