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School Appeals: Enter the Twilight Zone

The appeals process can seem baffling, but take heart I am here to help. 

The whole process can feel frustrating, complex and overwhelming.  Please contact me for more details about the appeal process. You can download a copy of the my specialist appeal guide for £9.99 and please do check out my Blog and sign up for downloadable Factsheets.

Discovering that your son or daughter does not have a place at your school of choice can be a remarkably upsetting experience for them, and for you. Many parents express a preference for a school place in the expectation and hope that their child will go to the right school for them.  A refusal can have a devastating impact on the whole family's plans, the child's future potential and can feel like a real catastrophe. However you can do somethinga bout ti, everyone has an automatic right to appeal.

If you are refused a place at the school you believe is right for your daughter or son you have a right to appeal. It does not matter if the school is run by the Local Authority, if it is an Academy, a Free School, a Grammar School or a Faith School.

Good preparation and understanding the process really counts in appeals. Ensuring that you present the most effective case to an Independent Appeal Panel is vital to increasing your chances of success.

As an expert I provide advice and support to:-

I work very hard with parents to prepare documents, questions and the case as a whole in a way that gives you the best chance of securing the right school place your child.

The school admission appeal is dealt with on a fixed fee basis.  You know the costs from day one. It is vital that you have unfettered access to me, and that I can contact you without any concern of increase costs. Full email and telephone support is a fundamental element of the package, as well as drafting all necessary documents and making sure that you are fully prepared for the hearing.

Working together we can maximise the chances of your success, but there's never any guarantee that the appeals process. It does depend very much on the panel, on the day. You never know what the parent before you or the parent after you is going to say about their own child or and circumstances.

I do not publish my success rate for the simple reason that every appeal is unique. I won't give people false hope, but I will give you an honest appraisal of your case.

For only £9.99 click to buy your copy of my comprehensive Admission and Appeal Guide here    

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