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Testimonials: What Our Clients Say About Us



N.R - says '  I am more than satisfied with the level of service. John is the best solicitor I have worked with. He was extremely patient in listening to and understanding our situation and very thorough in identifying and highlighting the strengths in our case and the weaknesses in the school’s case. On top of that, he is a very friendly and pleasant person to work with, who puts you at ease and makes time for you as and when needed.'

MW says “I was extremely satisfied by the level of service John provided.  He is very knowledgeable, experienced, insightful, caring and responsive.The first time I spoke to John I put the phone down thinking I’d just spoken to a friend, not a solicitor that I had never met.  Throughout, John communicated to me on my level and was always clear, easy to understand and prepared to explain his reasoning. 

John’s advice kept me on track, focused on the important issues at each stage of the process, gave me confidence and ultimately led to us achieving the outcome we wanted. Often I’d attempt to make contact with John when I was really stressed and in need of advice on how to respond to the Local Authority.  On the few occasions John was unavailable to talk immediately, he would make arrangements to speak to me within a day or two, even if it was at the weekend. 

I cannot think of how John could improve his service.  I would definitely recommend him, not just because of the excellent level of service he provides but also because he gave me the impression he genuinely cares about people and is motivated by helping people more than making money or advancing his career.”


M& S P say "Thank you for your help with this matter. With the school allocations posted we have now received an offer of a place at our preferred school for E, the P School. She's over the moon and blissfully unaware of the issues we had!  

I'm sure our situation was not unique but without any experience in challenging the policy and processes employed by our local authority, we felt like we had a mountain to climb. Despite the council telling us that there was no process of appeal available to us, your clear advice and structured plan proved successful in getting the council to examine its own decision making procedures, which led to them backing down and treating our situation fairly. 

 HO says “You provide an excellent service and prompt replies.  The advice over the phone was excellent and I feel I was never rushed and John was very calming when I was upset

My daughter is a different child now she is back in full time education she's so happy and full of life thanks to John. 

I honestly think we would not have won without John's help and expertise. We cannot thank John enough. He has changed my daughter’s life and her future something I feel I could not have done without his help so yes I would without a shadow of doubt recommend John.

Many thanks again.”

RN says “I was very satisfied with the level of service provided by John, he was always able to answer my questions and explain the reasoning behind his answers. He understood the appeals process from all angles. Although I didn’t understand the nuances at the start of the process I did by the end and was happy with the approach and understood what the purpose was for that approach. 

The appeal documentation was good, and showed me the gaps in my own information, due to my lack of understanding the processes fully. With Johns help my supporting documentation had much more weight. 

Whilst it is a lot of money to find, we got the result we wanted and have ended up with a child who loves attending school. I was pleased that the fee was fixed as I knew there was nothing hidden or to surprise us at the end of the consultation. 

For our experience I think we got just what we needed, so it would be hard to say what could improve it. You were honest about the fact that you couldn’t guarantee that the appeal  would go in our favour but were able to point out what about our appeal a panel would give weight to and helped us strengthen those areas. 

I would wholeheartedly recommend you to others. I found you very approachable and clear with your explanations. You helped us understand what an appeal panel are looking for and how they may get a feel for the child and their needs.  I felt at a disadvantage to all others in the process and hadn’t found my own LEA very helpful for guidance when starting the appeal process. Getting your input made me feel as if the playing field had been evened up. The panel are specifically trained, and the school has advisors and legal help from their LEA, what do parents have?, Whilst I found some very helpful websites, the personal, one to one advice was very valuable

Our daughter was awarded a place in the school we applied to, she is no longer bullied, she looks forward to school, and she is doing well in her lessons. On recent tests she has been congratulated for coming in the top third of pupils in her year group. This is a child who previously was moved down and down her academic groups. Her self-esteem and confidence is improving all the time. She no longer has the terrible mood swings she used to have, or the angry behaviour. She isn’t perfect but is massively better behaved, able to be reasoned with and generally of a much sunnier disposition

This all goes to show the level of impact her previous school had had on her, some of which we are only starting to realise the full extent of now. It shows how important it is to get the right school for the right child and it is a shame that these lengths have to be gone to for that to happen. I only wish we had done something sooner.”

"The quality of advice and assistance was absolutely first class. We could not have asked for more. Nothing was ever too much trouble and our questions were always answered promptly. We cannot express nor show our gratitude for the kindness and the care we received at this stressful time. We would recommend John's services to anyone considering an appeal, he doesn't make false claims and tells you exactly what you are up against and what to expect during the process. Both John and Jane have been there for us whenever we have come up against obstacles to keep us focused and positive. FANTASTIC, BRILLIANT, MARVELLOUS, these are the words we would use to describe John." - H. F.

"The Head teacher said this is the first time in the history of the school that any appeal has been granted that has gone over the allocated 30. Without the input from yourselves, this would have remained a dream for us and so we are eternally grateful for all the help given to us." - A. R.
"Following an initial 20minute chat with Mr Walker, we opted for a Case Review and Appeal Hearing Advice. Without Mr Walker's help we would surely have failed. During The Appeal Hearing, I felt things slipping away from us and yet, with the clear guidance we had received and a thorough understanding of the Appeal Process, we were able to turn things around and bring about a positive outcome. My son is now enjoying his new school!" - B. C.
"The documents were very professionally prepared and the advice first class. A very satisfactory conclusion to the case due to Mr Walkers attention to detail, preparation and investigation." - M. I-L.
"The most important thing to say about your service is that although no one can predict the outcome of an appeal, you give your clients the ability to empower themselves with the knowledge and understanding of the appeals process so that you attend your appeal with confidence and understanding. I had researched so much information before using your service but had no understanding of its relevance or how to us it, everything was explained in detail by John Walker. Of the three appeals we were having we won two and went from no choice of school to having to let one down. I would have no hesitation in recommending John Walker, not because he waives a magic wand, but because he empowers you to understand the whole appeals process from start to finish, then YOU go and win your appeal because you know what youre doing." - K.G.
"Excellent sound calming advice given to us. We were desperate to get our son a school; you gave us hope which is what we needed. The advice given was clear and easy to understand. We felt we were able to ring at any time if we had a question and felt at ease talking to you both. The documents were clearly set out with many points we had not thought of and looked at our appeal from a different angle. Thank you for all your help and I will recommend you to other people. Keep up the good work." - S. & C. H.
"The quality of advice over the phone was excellent. John spotted loopholes in the school's statement of case and gave us detailed advice on how to exploit those to our advantage. We were, in fact, far better prepared than the school. His advice on how best to present our case, especially the do's and don'ts was also very useful and ensured we didn't shoot ourselves in the foot once we had made a strong case. The best money we ever spent!" - K. & S. M.
"The quality of advice was of a high standard we felt prepared for the appeal hearing as all areas were fully explained and all eventualities covered. The speed of response was excellent, our email was responded to quickly and we also felt the client care was exceptional. The service was both professional and friendly. We won our appeal and feel that quite frankly without your help it would not have happened. The service was extremely professional; we were quickly put at ease and felt that all our concerns were important and worth consideration. We would not hesitate to recommend My School Appeals, they did an amazing job and we feel it was worth every penny." - S.P.
"The advice was very concise and easy for us to understand bearing in mind legal concepts were being explained to us. The actual appeal statement and the questions to ask were excellent. It gave us a lot of confidence that we would be successful and I think showed the appeal board that everything was researched thoroughly. As for the service it was again excellent. Everything was explained clearly and your charges and way of working were clearly explained from the outset. The briefings with John before the hearing were incredibly useful not only did he explain everything we should say and ask at the hearing. He also gave us so much confidence and belief which I believe were crucial in getting a successful result." - A. R.
"The advice, guidance and support I received from My School Appeal was excellent. I was listened to, the situation was quickly understood and this was then followed up with an exemplary set of guidelines and help given. Response times were excellent. In these situations time is of the essence and both John and Jane worked quickly, efficiently and effectively to give me guidance, advice and support as to what I needed to do to win my appeal. I found both to be good listeners, with a comprehensive understanding of the issues and what was needed to be done. In long phone calls to John, he was emotionally intelligent as well as having an excellent grasp of what would be needed to help to win the appeal on behalf of my son. It was very reassuring at the time to have a sympathetic and professional conversation with someone who clearly has an excellent grasp of how stressful the situation is for parents and who so evidently wants to do his best for his clients, whilst analysing what needed to be done and then providing documentary evidence to guide me for presenting my case. I would most definitely recommend your outstanding services on to other people in a similar situation to mine." - R. H.
"I felt time was taken over the calls and never felt rushed. The advice given seemed measured, well thought out and researched. Documents were prepared promptly and forwarded quickly which was reassuring. I never once doubted John or Jane's commitment to our appeal. My school appeal offered us a value for money service which allowed us to confidently approach our school appeal. They offered exactly the service that they claimed to on their website and did not cut any corners. Superb service and advice given in an organised fashion which made us feel like we had covered all bases prior to going to the appeal panel. Thank you so much." - R. R.
"We always felt confident in John's advice and his approach was sympathetic, practical and constructive from the outset. The quality of advice was high and although clearly founded on a legal basis, never came across as gobbledegook. John was also fair in his approach, you never felt you were being sold a service, he came across as passionate about his role in ensuring the successful outcome of our appeal. John was always available when needed and worked through evenings and weekends to get things done." - D. T.
"Quality of advice and assistance was Excellent. Letter of appeal was straight to the point and very relevant to my case. Advice given and support received gave me enough confidence to attend the hearing and ask relevant questions directly to the school's representative. Speed of response was good, as all documents received and reviewed in time, meeting all time scales set by county hall. I was prepared and ready for the appeal hearing date. I would rate the overall service as reliable and professional." - M. M.
"It was clear for me to understand information provided if it was written rather than over the phone, this is an individual point as I could read it several times until all the information sunk in. Documents were easy to understand. Though, it was great to also as a back up and personal touch of talking to you on the phone. The plan of action was clear. Contact was easy and replies were quick. Client care has been brilliant, especially patient when I have been asking so many questions. Thank you both for being so calm and understanding at a very frustrating time." - K. B.
"Extremely satisfied with the advice and assistance received. The documents prepared by John to support our appeal were of high quality and summarised very effectively all the points which we wished to make. John's advice enabled us to look at our appeal in a totally different way and to rely on sources of evidence which we would have never considered. It was very effective how John managed to summarise all our points into different areas which made it very straightforward for us to present our case at the appeal hearing. Calls booked with John always took place at the agreed time. Easy to contact Jane who always returned calls. The service was friendly, efficient and very supportive. We were extremely pleased with all aspects of the service received. I have very grave doubts that we would have succeeded at appeal without John's help, advice and support. The clear charging structure was also helpful, we knew exactly how much we would pay for the service at the outset and it was reassuring to know that there would be no extras on top of this." - A. L.
"Everything was done in a timely manner and John appeared to understand our individual situation well. Very speedy responses to every contact we made. We were very happy with the service." - C. & J.B.
"The advice we received was very effective as we progressed through our discussions with the various LE departments. The supporting documentation was first class as it allowed us to develop our case in a clear and methodical manner. We received support as required and knowing that we had little time to prepare for the appeals meeting we were able to contact John as and when required even weekends. It goes without saying the utilisation of a specialist in this field was the best investment made for us as a family, knowing the repercussions to the well-being of our daughter had we failed." - S. T.
"We felt you were through in your preparation of both the submission and in the preparation of the appeal. We were very pleased with the assistance and documentation. We were happy our case was dealt with in a timely manner and deadlines were comfortably met. We felt John wasn't being rushed and took his time in compiling facts for the statement and took the appropriate time to put it together rather than simply rushing things out. Everything felt specific to our case and not something put together from an existing template. Both of us agree that that is truly first class customer service. If anyone found themselves in a similar situation, we would have no problem in recommending your service without hesitation. We were very happy with the service, and of course, with the result it brought." - A. F.
"In my opinion, John commands a high level of knowledge and expertise in the field of school admission appeals, yet he is down to earth and very easy to talk to. His advice is very thorough, to the point and tailored to our case. The documents prepared are very comprehensive to present the strongest case possible. His pre-hearing briefing covers all angles and every possible question the appeal panel could throw at you, and the result, the appeal was successful. John was always available for us when we had questions, whether by phone, text or e-mail. Even when John was busy with another client, Jane was always there to get our message. It is client care second to none. What really reassured us when we first spoke to John was his honesty, he didn't blindly promise a win, he promised to work hard for us, and that was more than enough for us to win. For that, we are eternally grateful." - P. V.
"I am so pleased to tell you that we won our appeal. I couldn't have done it without you guys, I am extremely grateful." - N. C.
"Fantastico! We got it! So thanks for all your input and hard work. We wouldn't have got it without you. We are overjoyed and really pleased with your help and advice. Thank you so, so much. I can tell you now that we would never have done it without you. They will write to let us know why we got the place, but I am absolutely certain that we would have never put over our case in the same way. I don't think we'd ever have stood a chance without your advice. You've helped shape our daughter's life - that's amazing!" - I. & T.J.
"The advice was precise and very objective. It was clear, focused and outcome oriented. John was simply superb. He knew exactly what to say and when to say it. He guided me and supported me throughout this whole process. Documents were extremely well written and I was extremely briefed on the entire process. What John has helped me to achieve for my son is beyond words. I would like to say thank you to John for all the help and support. I don't believe this would have been possible without him." - K. R.
"Great news. we have just got confirmation that our appeal was successful, thank you so much, we certainly would not have been able to produce such a convincing appeal without your assistance." - A. T.
"The advice and assistance which John provided was honest, clear and extremely helpful. The support was enthusiastic and positive but never gave us any false promises, rather it was realistic and extremely well researched. The documents which John managed to provide within the two days which we gave him were, we feel, what won us the appeal. Although we only contacted John during the week in which our appeal was held, he managed to give us documentation which illustrated to the panel that they could give our daughter a school place in extremely complex circumstances. The months of research which we had already undertaken had not provided us with the clarity of evidence which John was able to give us within hours. The documents which John prepared for us really made the central part of our appeal and also gave us a confidence which we would not otherwise have had, particularly when questioning the local authority during the appeal. We would like to encourage other parents who are unsure whether to contact John to speak to him; we firmly believe that his advice was what made the crucial difference to our successful appeal." - V. B.